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Knowing it is something other than interference, Orland wants Clyne’s expert opinion before forwarding the findings and footage to his superiors back in the United States. Conversely, Madison believes the sightings to be members of the insurgency (former soldiers loyal to the previous totalitarian regime) wearing an advanced form of active camouflage, and has orders from her superiors in Washington, DC to retrieve a sample.

In order to get a clearer shot of the anomalies and determine what they are, both Clyne and Madison are sent into the field with a team of Delta Force operators, who are being sent to find Utah team, who went missing the day before. In order to capture a better image of the apparitions, Clyne mounts a large version of the hyper spectral camera onto one of the armoured personnel carriers. Upon arriving at the location and discovering all of Utah team has been killed, they are ambushed by the apparitions, who, being impervious to small arms fire and even explosives, are able to inflict heavy casualties on the group before they retreat.

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